Manually Controlled Lifting Magnet - 220lb Capacity

Reference: REM-220


Safe Working Load (lbs)*     Flat Safe Working Load (lbs)* Rounds Magnet Weight (lbs) Magnet Body Size (in) (WxLxH) Magnet Headroom (in) Minimum Thinkness (in)* Maximum O.D. for Rounds (in)*
220 110 6 2 7/16 x 3 5/8 x 2 5/8 4 1/2 7/8 8 1/2

Key Features:

Tremendous Magnet Capacity to Weght Ratio
Simple Lever Operation with Safety Lock
3 to 1 Safety Factor
Extremely compact, light, portable
Utilizes the most powerful permanent magnetic material available (NbFeB)
Great Durability
Very Economical


Specific References

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